UAE Says Will Start Building First Net Zero Energy Mosque in 2024

DUBAI (IQNA) – Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City has announced plans to build what it described as the region's first mosque that will produce as much energy as it consumes over a year.
Quran Urges Respect for Environment: Al-Azhar Chief
IQNA – The grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center said there are numerous verses in the Holy Quran inviting people to respect the environment.
10:37 , 2023 Dec 05
How Muslim Students, Educators Are Fighting Islamophobia in Canadian Schools
OTTAWA (IQNA) – As tensions from the Israel-Hamas war continue to ripple through Canada, and officials across the country report an alarming rise in anti-Muslim occurrences, some experts say Islamophobia must become a classroom priority addressed now, in practical ways and on multiple fronts.
13:46 , 2023 Dec 02
Canada: Muslim community in Chatham-Kent seeks to have its own cemetery
OTTAWA (IQNA) – The Muslim community in Chatham-Kent, which consists of hundreds of people, wants to have a cemetery where they can bury their loved ones according to their faith.
18:10 , 2023 Dec 01
Malaysia: 102-Year-Old Woman Recites Quran Everyday
KUALA LUMPUR (IQNA) – A 102-year-old woman in Malaysia says she recites the Holy Quran every day while also sharing one of the secrets to having a healthy life.
16:25 , 2023 Nov 27
 Quran Copies Distributed in Jordan in Solidarity with Palestinian Children
AMMAN (IQNA) – A series of Quran copies were distributed among orphans in Jordan as a show of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian children.
10:35 , 2023 Nov 28
'Island Islam' thrives on remote Australian territory
CANBERRA (IQNA) – On a warm summer day, students of all ages from the only school on Christmas Island rush on their bikes and segways to the air-conditioned comfort of the Islamic school on the foreshore overlooking the Indian Ocean.
15:32 , 2023 Nov 25
Islamic Capital Market Conference Opens in Tehran
TEHRAN (IQNA) – The 15th International Conference on Islamic Capital Market (ICM) began in Tehran on Sunday, with the participation of domestic and foreign experts and managers.
16:07 , 2023 Nov 26
Istanbul hosting World Halal Summit and OIC Halal Expo
ISTANBUL (IQNA) – Hundreds of leading companies and organizations from 40 countries are participating in the World Halal Summit and the OIC Halal Expo, which opened on Thursday in Istanbul, to showcase their products and services in the global halal market, worth more than $7 trillion.
17:24 , 2023 Nov 24
Muslim, Non-Muslim Students at West Virginia University Work together to Help Needy
WASHINGTON, DC (IQNA) – Muslim and non-Muslim students at the West Virginia University in Morgantown worked together to help the poor.
16:45 , 2023 Nov 13
Kuwaiti Charity Launches Campaign to Raise Funds for Gaza  
KUWAIT CITY (IQNA) – Kuwait’s Al-Salam society for humanitarian and charity work launched a campaign to support the oppressed people of Gaza.
17:23 , 2023 Nov 20
Visitors Welcome Quranic Botanical Garden at Expo 2023 Doha
DOHA (IQNA) – Visitors have embraced the Quranic Botanical Garden that is underway in an international exhibition in Qatar.
16:01 , 2023 Nov 12
Muslim Men Affected by Racism in Germany  
BERLIN (IQNA) – Some 41.2% of Muslim men are affected by racism in Germany, a report published Tuesday by the German Center for Integration and Migration Research (Dezim) in Berlin said.
10:15 , 2023 Nov 08