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'Boycott Genocide Supporters': Rights Group Launches Campaign in Support of Gaza

IQNA – The Islamic Human Rights Commission has started a campaign to urge people to avoid buying from or supporting those governments and companies that are complicit in the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip.
Russia Seeking UN Statement in Condemnation of Quran Desecration  
IQNA – Russia is working to draft an international statement at the UN in condemnation of Quran desecration and Islamophobia, a diplomat said.
15:20 , 2023 Dec 06
Most Americans Want End to Gaza War but Congress Begs to Differ
IQNA – While most Americans favor an end to the Israeli aggression on Gaza, their preference for a ceasefire is not reflected in the US Congress.
13:25 , 2023 Dec 06
Security Heightened in India’s Mathura on Babri Mosque Demolition Anniversary
IQNA – Officials in Mathura, India’s Uttar Pradesh, have beefed up security on the anniversary of the demolition of the Babri Mosque.  Security
12:36 , 2023 Dec 06
Baltimore Councilmembers Abstain from Voting on Biased Resolution Ignoring Islamophobia
IQNA – Four Baltimore City Councilmembers recently abstained from voting on a biased resolution that ignored the catastrophic death toll of Palestinian civilians in Gaza – mostly women and children – as well as the unprecedented surge of Islamophobia in Maryland.
10:01 , 2023 Dec 06
Christchurch Terror Attack Inquest: Wife of Victim Forced to Leave Dying Husband
IQNA – The wife of a man who was fatally wounded in the Linwood Islamic Centre terror attack was forced to leave the side of her husband and was informed of his death one day later.
09:15 , 2023 Dec 06
‘We Cannot Celebrate amid Genocide’: Bethlehem Church Displays Debris Instead of Christmas Tree
IQNA – A church in Bethlehem, the city where Christians believe Jesus (AS) was born, has replaced its traditional Christmas tree with a pile of rubble and a toy baby to show solidarity with the people of Gaza who suffered from Israeli airstrikes.
13:33 , 2023 Dec 05
Muslims Should Not Be Worried after Wilder’s Election Win, Retired Dutch Official Says
IQNA – Far-right anti-Muslim political Geert Wilders’ election victory should not worry Dutch Muslims, a retired Dutch official said.
08:46 , 2023 Dec 06
'You Can’t Be Neutral in An Unfolding Genocide': Swedish Activist Reiterates Solidarity with Palestine
IQNA – Renowned Swedish activist Greta Thunberg dismissed the Israeli regime’s justification for committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip, stressing that genocide cannot be justified as self-defense.
17:36 , 2023 Dec 05
King's College London Student Officers Face Suspension Over Support for Gaza
IQNA – The student union at a prominent UK university has suspended elected student officers following their issuance of a statement in support of Palestine.
15:43 , 2023 Dec 05
Man Arrested, Banned from Campus for Spitting on Muslim Students at Western University
OTTAWA (IQNA) – A man has been arrested and charged with two counts of assault for allegedly spitting on Muslim students at Western University, and has been banned from the campus.
10:26 , 2023 Dec 04
Deadly Mishap: Nigerian Army Bombs Muslim Festival, Kills 85 Civilians
IQNA – At least 85 members of a Muslim community have been killed after a Nigerian army drone accidentally bombed their village in northwest Kaduna State, officials said.
14:44 , 2023 Dec 05
Palestine Solidarity Week in Wisconsin Features Various Programs
IQNA – Various activities and programs are underway in Madison, US state of Wisconsin, during the Palestine Solidarity Week.
13:18 , 2023 Dec 05